Ezi Returns Coronavirus News - updated 16th February

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16.03.20 03:43 PM

As a result of the rapidly changing circumstances around the Corona virus crisis please see below on how Ezi Returns services may be affected. Further down the page we are reporting  any known issues specific to each country that will be updated regularly.


General Issues and advice on hub processing of returns and Incoming and Outgoing shipments

All hubs are operating normally with the only issues being reported by shipping services both inbound and outbound deliveries. This can change without notice due to local restrictions, or staff having to self isolate.

Deliveries into our hubs may be affected by restrictions imposed by governments,  couriers or postal services resulting in possible disruptions, delays or even  suspension of services.  This may result in some returns being stuck in postal or courier warehouses.

Hub processing times may be affected as mentioned below for each country but are currently operating as normal.

Return Label Services  - For customer using our Returns label portal you may see a message stating service is temporarily down. This may mean that service is suspended in that country for the foreseeable future.

Shipments out of hubs - Road transport in all regions may be subject to some delays due to border restrictions and courier capacity issues.

Air freight is still severely restricted due to reduced capacity and is subject to delays and possible cost increases. Pallet air freight is being temporally avoided and where possible moved to sea freight.

Resell & fulfillment services may be affected on a local or country level if restrictions are in place with local postal & courier services.  Please note we are unable to guarantee processing / dispatch and delivery times due to these issues that are out of our control.  Please note we are not able to answer any queries on processing or tracking of resell orders at this time.

The Safety of your shipments

It has been widely reported and accepted that there is no or very low risk of goods or packages or shipment contents being at risk of contamination. The virus can apparently only survive a number of hours in such environments. There have been no restrictions placed on movement of goods yet by countries we operate in based on scientific evidence and knowledge of this particular virus since it originated in China.


Ezi customer service and administration operations are carried out by employees and agents in various locations by remote working and we are not expecting any issues that will affect our normal operations.

What you can do

We recommend considering some of the following to re assure your customers and maintain sales.

  • Extend your returns policy  - Consider extending and publicizing extended return policy periods to 90 or 120 days or whatever suits your business.
  • Inform your customers - to expect delays in processing returns that may be stuck in the post or courier system.
  • Offer Courier Collections - If drop off or post offices are closed in your customers region consider sending them a link to organize a courier collection them self  or do it for them.  See below under each country for recommended courier collection services.  If you need help on this please contact us.


Our Florida hub partner has indicated that they are experiencing delays in deliveries into the hub by USPS, Resell and fulfillment orders may not have accurate or any tracking available due to the non contact policy being applied within USPS facilities which is resulting in delays
Air freight is still restricted and highly priced so most shipments are being sent by sea freight. Staff absences due to self isolation are affecting processing times.


Hub operations - No reported issues
Shipments out
by Air Freight are subject to delays, alternative shipping methods are in place with longer lead times.


Hub Operations - Reduced staffing levels may affect processing times.
Shipments out
from Canada to USA by road are subject to delays due to border restrictions at the USA / Canada border

Shipments out by Air Freight are subject to delays. Sea Freight options are being introduced

Most locations are operating normally with occasional delays in delivery / shipping services. Please note this may change or be affected by locally imposed regional lock downs or government restrictions or staff shortages due to self isolation ./ quarantine requirements.  New travel restrictions are having an impact on shipments and Brexit is also affecting shipments between the UK and EU.  See our Brexit Page for more info.

Shipments from our German to hub to specific countries are currently suffering disruption and delays due to DHL network issues. Latest updates are available on DHL website here


Please see the address page in your Ezi portal and ensure you have updated your Italian returns address on all your sales channels.

Please see the address page in your Ezi portal and ensure you have updated your Spanish returns address on all your sales channels.

What Ezi Returns are Doing - Help for Sellers

Find out what Ezi Returns is doing to helps it's sellers and also a growing list of schemes, initiatives, ideas we are compiling to help businesses through this period. See here.